Lead Generation Strategies used by Marketers in 2019

Both small and big businesses can never get enough of customers. More customers mean more business and hence more revenue. A fancy term used for customer acquisition is lead generation. New clients are essential if you want to grow your business.

Lead generation today works differently than it used to back in the days. Some strategies have been around for quite some time now and marketers trust them. Therefore, they are skeptical about the effectiveness of these new tactics.

Seek Digital Academy is the best Digital Marketing Training in Delhi,and teaches digital marketers some effective, tried and tested lead generation tactics widely used by marketers in 2019. Some of them are as follows:

1.       REFERRAL SYSTEM: Word of mouth is considered the best form of marketing. It costs nothing but can help a business grow its client base significantly. For this to happen, the shopping experience must be spectacular and memorable so that your existing customers recommend their friends and family to try your brand. Referral system is simple. An existing customer can send referral codes to their friends and family and when those people purchase anything from you, the new customers get a discount and the existing customer also gets some discount code which they can use in the future.

2.       CONTENT BASED LEAD GENERATION: Well optimized content can increase the visibility of your website across all search engines. Search engines are optimized to show results that answer queries of the users. Also, your business will appear on top of results if someone searches for services or products related to your industry.

3.       BUSINESS NEWSLETTER: Generating leads through readable content and newsletter are very similar. People will only subscribe to your newsletter when they see the utility in it. Traditionally, a newsletter contains industry news, discounts, upcoming sales and everything along these lines. However, the tricky part here is the continuous supply of newsletters. One or two newsletters will do no good to your business; rather regular supply of quality newsletters can generate valuable leads for your business.

4.       WHITE PAPERS: White papers allow all businesses to offer detailed and specialized knowledge to potential clients about the work they do. The potential clients have to provide their contact information which is particularly useful for businesses. A white paper is not an advertisement; rather it is a bureau of what the company does. Since it is in a downloadable format, people can pass it further which is beneficial for the company.

5.       INFLUENCERS: Influencers are third-party people which a business pays to promote their product or service. Influencer marketing is a huge topic within digital marketing and Seek Digital Academy can help digital marketers learn the best practices of influencer marketing. We offered the best Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi. The influencer can be any public figure willing to promote your product or service in exchange for a fee or anything of value to them.

Some other notable lead generation strategies include; live chat feature, happy hours, topic-driven seminars, downloadable e-books, social media marketing, and lead-swapping relationships.

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